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Social intranet with Intrexx Share

The social collaboration tool is based on the portal software, Intrexx. This means that the application can do even more than other solutions: It allows you to network people and machines.
Create collaborative workflows and gather all the relevant information together on one platform!

Not another meeting!

With Intrexx Share you’ll improve the internal communication, collaboration and the information and knowledge management in your company.

This means you can avoid a great deal of unnecessary meetings. And even if a meeting has been planned, prepare for it using a virtual project group – you’ll save time and your nerves.

An overview of Intrexx Share.

This is how easy Intrexx Share is

The social network for your company

With Intrexx Share, you’re choosing more than just a “Facebook for businesses”.

That’s because Intrexx Share can do more than the usual social business software. As a digital workplace, it provides you with access to all of the required information and functions.

The benefits of social collaboration

Up to 90% less emails

Up to 90% less emails.

Platform-independent and mobile.

Platform-independent and mobile.

Installed and ready to go in 24h.

Installed and ready to go in 24h.

Reduce time-consuming meetings.

Reduce time-consuming meetings.

Integrate diverse data sources (e.g. ERP, CRM).

Integrate diverse data sources (e.g. ERP, CRM).

“Intrexx Share has ensured that, at last, we communicate sensibly. I am particularly pleased that apparently complex problems have been resolved once and for all and the internal email traffic has been reduced by 90 percent.”
Marcel Patalon
Head of Digital Communication and CRM

In this case study, read about how the chain store retailer Megazoo is making the most of social business software.

Less emails and meetings - but still better informed

Social intranet “out of the box”

Get started right away and benefit immediately

  • Ready-to-use within 24 hours
  • Platform-independent and mobile
  • Customizable and expandable at any time

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