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What is a social intranet?

The good old intranet is facing a crisis

Many traditional intranets appear to be just messy filing for anything and everything. The initial benefits of an intranet, such as processing speed, transparency of information, ideas, and in consequence, cost savings and increased competitiveness, and employee satisfaction, are not widely realised.

The new social intranets provide a completely new infrastructure that promotes sustainable knowledge management, unlimited exchange of internal company expertise, and a culture of constructive communication similar to the highly successful social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. All of the information comes together in one central location where each user has his tools to facilitate working together more quickly and effectively than ever before. Regardless of his physical location.

The principle of the social business platform Intrexx Share in 3 minutes

What are the benefits of a social intranet?

Better knowledge, more quickly - thanks to simpler communication and satisfied people.

In the the social intranet the focus is on people. Employees can contribute themselves and their skills. The "we" feeling grows when colleagues value each other's contributions and work together on projects. This promotes loyalty to the company and makes your business attractive to innovative professionals who are themselves looking for an attractive working environment.

Unleash undiscovered knowledge

A social intranet unearths unprecedented expertise and links employees regardless of any physical separation.

Faster processes

The creation and coordination of content is timely and structured, relevant information will be more quickly available and usable.

Fewer e-mails & meetings

Annoying and unnecessary meetings and internal e-mails can be reduced significantly. At the same time decisions are and remain comprehensible.

More job satisfaction

A social intranet forges employees together, but simultaneously creates room for innovation, thus making the work and the company significantly more attractive.

Which functionality does Intrexx Share include?

Like a fire alarm center but not so enclosed.

The communication board

Like Facebook for business

With Intrexx Share employees discuss among themselves by newsfeed, similar to Facebook & Co. They create posts, share them with colleagues or comment on them. Thus involving everybody in the company. Through open dialogue and evaluation functions they work out solutions together, provide feedback on results, and learn from each other. The social media features thereby significantly promote communication and cooperation. In addition, thanks to the transparent exchange of information, each employee gains a much better picture of current project status, and new information about what is happening in the business generally - in contrast to communication by e-mail. Intrexx Share reveals problem situations from various perspectives. All employees are well informed, which leads to a significant reduction in meetings, and also to considerably faster and better decision making. Thanks to the enterprise-wide exchange of information, employees quickly find the necessary know-how and can draw on knowledge from across the whole of the enterprise. Moreover, this exchange of information dynamically generates more knowledge and renders the collective intelligence more useful throughout the company.

Team rooms

Effectively replace meetings with virtual group work

Intrexx Share offers your employees virtual workspaces where they can exchange ideas and experience throughout the enterprise to solve problems quickly and easily, and to share documents. The work groups can be formed quickly and easily. In the team rooms information, opinions, ideas and comments from various colleagues from across the organization are bundled together. Also, documents can be exchanged in the group room and edited. Thereby reducing the need for lengthy and often unnecessary meetings. The transparent exchange of relevant information leads instead to faster creation of bases for decision and to an high level of creativity. Thus projects are completed efficiently, which gives the company a decisive competitive advantage. Results from completed projects can be archived, so that the decision making process for future projects is transparent and comprehensible.

Event management

Like Facebook parties, but without the riot police

With Intrexx Share you can successfully manage any type of event. With the "Events" function you can quickly and easily setup events, invite employees and keep the participants up to date with details. Because the names and contact details of colleagues invited, and the information related to the event, are available on a closed platform in a relevant content- and time-related context, much more clarity is guaranteed, in contrast to the cumbersome communication provided via e-mail. Also, the up-to-date status of acceptances is always available to facilitate effective planning of the event. The participants always have an overview of all events to which they have been invited, or which have been recommended to them. So they don't miss events, and nor do they overlook information just because an e-mail was missed or forgotten about. Another advantage of the event management is the archive function, which can help you to quickly look up the information about the previous year's event, and perhaps ensure that you don't make the same mistake twice.

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Crucial distinction

Intrexx Share has much more about it than the others

The integrated approach of Intrexx Share: All of the information, from people and machines, lands in one central location.

Activity streams

Applications will become friends

In Intrexx Share employees are not only kept informed with important news from colleagues, but also with news from all of the existing software applications in the organization, e.g. from CRM, ERP and BI. If, for example, a new contact person has been added to the details of a customer, the employee concerned receives an activity stream, in other words, news from his "friend" the CRM system. With Intrexx Professional software, in just a few minutes virtually all of the software solutions in the world can be integrated into the 'Intrexx World', allowing both read and write access.

Once docked, the applications can now be integrated into Intrexx Share via plug-ins. Once a record in the connected software is changed, or a new one added, this is registered by Intrexx Share, which then creates an activity stream that appears in the news feed input of all of the appropriately authorized employees.

The Intrexx Share activity streams facilitate an entirely new dimension in information management. For the first time, all of the important data flows together into a form of 'fire control center' of the undertaking. The annoying chasing for information is eliminated. And the best part:

All of the information is also available on mobile devices. Previously, software suppliers haven't dared to even dream of solutions like that.

Smart forms

Integrate your own functions and dialogues in news feeds

With the Intrexx Professional Designers you can, in no time at all, create smart forms and dialogues by drag & drop, define processes, and then connect them with an Intrexx Share activity stream. Thus in future the employee will be able to carry out his tasks - e.g. setting up cost centres or approving applications - directly in Intrexx Share and will only rarely need to switch to the application itself.

So some unloved, but nonetheless important, applications will gain a chic and practical interface thanks to Intrexx Share. Also gone are the days when you needed many clicks of the mouse just to access a particular form. Intrexx Share lets you write information into any database directly from the feed. The execution of business processes will thereby be considerably accelerated, and sales processes completed significantly faster and more successfully. Of course, the functionality is also available for mobile devices, so that no process needs to be delayed when an employee is on a business trip.

The relationship viewer

Keeping an eye on relationships

The Intrexx relationship viewer enables the relationships between data from various different software programs to be displayed in context, without the user needing to actively search for them. So everyone is always well informed without having to invest a lot of precious time.

It works like this: You integrate the databases of your existing software programs in just a few minutes with Intrexx Professional. Then, using the world-exclusive Relationship Designer from Intrexx, you connect all data fields which are in some way related to each other by drag & drop. The customer number from the CRM with the customer number from the Helpdesk, the article number from the inventory with the article number from the sales system, or the contract number from the contract management with the contract number from the customer record.

When a feed or an activity stream is generated in Intrexx Share, all available information within the undertaking, which relates to this reference, will automatically be displayed. For important decisions, the information from all of the databases in the organisation will be available to the user. That increases the speed and quality of your decisions, and thereby your competitiveness.

Intelligent filters

Actively stemming the flood of information

A diverse mix of information from employees and software programs flows togetehr in Intrexx Share. To ensure that the employee does not lose track, Intrexx Share includes many intelligent filter and search functions. These can be used to filter the feeds by category (e.g. appointments, tasks, contacts, etc.), date, time period or priority. The employees can very easily select the information which is important and relevant to their needs. All of the unimportant items disappear at the click of a mouse, as if by magic. This significantly reduces the pressure of the huge flood of information on the staff, and creates a relaxed work atmosphere.

Besides improving the quality of work the filters also provide a time advantage because information can now be found quickly, and long and possibly even erroneous searches become unnecessary.

This is how easy it is: The administrator can assign categories (e.g. appointments, tasks and messages) and determine priorities for all feeds that appear from a particular application. For example, all feeds with workshop or seminar dates from the CRM program can be assigned to the "Events" category or feeds from the application "Warranty Management" can be given the priority "urgent".


Secure sharing with colleagues

Intrexx Share provides a file repository - similar to the popular American cloud service Dropbox. In the Filebox, employees can store files in a secure but easily accessible central location. The data can then be accessed from anywhere. This eliminates the need for tedious copying to USB-sticks, if a file needs to be edited when you are traveling. The Filebox in Intrexx Share saves valuable time and helps employees work more efficiently. Folders can also be shared with specified colleagues. The sharing is completely safe, because it takes place within the protected environment of the company's Intrexx installation.

Ready in a jiffy

How quickly you can deploy the software into your company

Platform independent and plenty of databases

Intrexx Share is 'standard' software and can be installed within a few minutes on a corporate server, a system hosted by a third party provider, or a data center of your choice.
Thanks to its platform independence, Intrexx can be installed on Linux systems, Microsoft Windows servers (Intrexx is Windows Server 2008 certified) or Mac OS X. Intrexx supports databases from Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server or the free open source databases Apache Derby or PostgreSQL.

Get started now

After installation, you can synchronize users and permissions in a few minutes with your existing systems (LDAP), and fine tune the social network to match your requirements exactly.

Flexibly expandable

Together with the Intrexx Professional software, you can create additional applications, integrate existing systems, automate processes and much, much more.

Intrexx supports almost all browsers and mobile devices

Your users only need a web browser such as Internet Explorer (from version 8.0), Mozilla Firefox, Konqueror, Opera, Google Chrome or Apple Safari. This allows any user to access the information from anywhere. Intrexx also supports most mobile device web browsers.

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