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Listed in the Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals”, the world’s most renowned market overview of international portal software solutions.

What is Intrexx?

Complete package

Intrexx is an especially easy-to-use software suite for the creation and operation of web-based applications. With a number of powerful and useful tools, Intrexx supports enterprises, administrations, and organizations in the construction and running of portals of all types, such as in employee, customer, or internet portals.

A strong heart for powerful web applications and portals

The heart of the system is represented by the Application Designer, which makes possible with a graphical interface the creation of web applications completely without programming knowledge. With the likewise integrated Process Designer, workflows can be created quite easily with the click of a mouse. Layout and Menu Designers ensure a unified appearance for applications and the portal; an Integration Center allows bidirectional access to databases of existing systems with the help of a universal access interface or the optional Business Adapters (Lotus Notes, SAP, Microsoft Office, etc.). Existing products can also be included in the portal via web services. Additionally, it is possible to make information from the portal available to other applications via web services.

Applications for the iPhone

With the seamless support for mobile end devices, you can also make all data quickly and astoundingly easily available for smartphones like the iPhone or Blackberry. In so doing, you can integrate your employees outside the office into business processes without a media disconnect and provide for the seamless flow of information in your enterprise.

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Numerous and comfortable extras

Intrexx Professional synchronizes user data with all common LDAP systems and provides the administrator with the system tools for optimal user and rights management for her portal. The software supports myriad commercial and free databases (many are already contained on the program DVD) and runs on Windows as well as on Linux and Sun Solaris. All of this makes Intrexx into an exceedingly flexible program, making it therefore much more than just the "usual" portal software - the application server itself is an integrative component of the platform, and as with everything else, will be automatically installed and configured on your server in the course of the installation.

What really drives the competition mad

The Swiss army knife of portal systems

In contrast to other portal systems, Intrexx is an integrated suite. With Intrexx, you will develop web-based applications, integrate existing data sources, control processes and procedures, or if you like, bring it all onto your iPhone or Blackberry. This will create a modern enterprise portal with a powerful user manager, a strong search engine, and a system administration that takes work out of your hands. Thanks to a powerful Layout and Menu Designer, as well as a Web Service Orchestration that is without peers, you can also create B2B portals or internet presences with Intrexx in minutes. All modules are integrated and tested against each other. This gives you – in contrast to systems consisting of individual components – the ability to always access the entire range of features of all modules.

10x faster than other systems

Intrexx is designed in such a way that you can, as opposed to comparable systems, achieve your goal 10 times faster. This is one of the reasons why 8 out of 10 customers decide for Intrexx in a direct comparison with other portal solutions. We are always hearing from our customers that the competition is still working out a quotation, while the customer has almost finished their project with the test version of Intrexx. It is for good reason that our client base by now includes many thousand customers - and it is growing every day.

10x less risk

Portal projects are not seldom subjected to high risks. Many projects don’t even achieve their goal, as they become too expensive or difficult in the course of time. In contrast, with Intrexx you can very quickly create prototypes in the shortest amount of time. Even a complex application can often be created in a few hours and can be tested for practical usability and user acceptance. Risks will therefore be eliminated in early stages. Even if it occurs that an ambitious project is stopped for other reasons, the amount of investment for an Intrexx portal remains significantly lower than for comparable other systems.

10x less dependence

Intrexx is very easy to use. Anyone who can use Excel or Word can also create and run an enterprise portal with Intrexx. To serve this purpose, Intrexx makes easy-to-understand assistants available, which ensure that the portal can be created with a few clicks of the mouse, instead of requiring everything to be programmed laboriously by hand. Select field controls, colors, fonts, etc. from lists, activate functions by marking checkboxes, or use one of the many complete templates. Through the simple usage concept and the clear system construction, dependence on external or internal experts and programmers will be avoided. This also makes it possible to use Intrexx with only 2 or 3 Euro in service costs per Euro licensing costs, while the competition currently runs about 9 Euro in this comparison. As a portal is constantly subjected to requirements for change, this is a very important aspect to consider.

The individual modules of Intrexx

The Application Designer

With this module you will create very powerful applications and forms easily via drag & drop. In an assistant, select the desired input and output controls, as well as the required buttons, and Intrexx suggests to you a complete application form. You can refine this again, exactly to your desires, and define the user rights. Subsequently, you can decide in which place in the menu the new application should be available - and then it will be added to your portal.

So that is how attractive and powerful applications, which can be changed or updated at any time, can be created at the snap of a finger. The only way for you to get new applications quicker is to use one of the numerous templates already integrated into Intrexx, or to download a complete application in the Intrexx Application Store.

The Application Designer has at its disposal very potent functions and can naturally be expanded using various interfaces with Java, JavaScript, or the very easy script language Velocity.

The Process Designer

The frictionless functionality of processes is often interrupted because some persons are not available or react incorrectly or late. With the Process Designer in Intrexx, you can prevent this by optimally integrating all involved into the process chain and "lead" them through the entire process. This provides you with frictionless functionality of processes - completely independent of where the person concerned is located.

With the graphical interface of the Process Designer, it is astoundingly easy to define conditions and actions. This allows, for example, reminder eMails to be sent after certain time intervals, if a colleague has not processed an application inside a certain period of time. It can also be defined that the sales department will be automatically notified as soon as a new customer moves into their area of responsibility. The occurrence of a specific event can be linked with the automatic creation and sending of a PDF document, and in the same way any kind of data records - such as via web service - can be inserted into other systems if a certain type of information is available.

The possibilities for control are inexhaustible and ensure frictionless actions in every organizational unit. As the Process Designer is fully integrated into Intrexx, all processes can be brought onto mobile end devices with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The Layout and Menu Designer

Organize your applications and portals totally according to your desires. It has never been easier to represent a corporate identity in a piece of software. Colors, fonts, icons, buttons, and menu structures can be selected very easily via mouse click from lists. If you desire it, you can also let yourself be lead quickly and securely through the process with an assistant here.

Do you prefer the classics or do you want a modern layout? A large number of complete design templates gives you an embarrassment of riches where choice is concerned. This allows you to create an application or an enterprise portal with a pleasing layout in the blink of an eye. This ensures that your employees will also choose to work with it. This means, in the end, that a high degree of user acceptance is the only way to desired success. Naturally, Intrexx supports frameless designs as well to serve justice to the requirements of barrier-free pages.

The Integration Center

Enterprise portals can attribute their success to achieving access for the employees to the enterprise-wide IT. They are the gate to the heart of the business. Because of this, the integration of various enterprise systems is one of the most important functions of a good piece of portal software. With intrexx, you can achieve direct read and write access to almost all databases in an enterprise, or simply just import from or export to them.

if the data is only now moving into the portal, new applications can be created out of it quite easily. It is just as possible to integrate this information into processes, or even make it available to other applications or systems via web service. Intrexx takes your entire enterprise software base and makes from it a powerful data platform - very easily, via mouse click, and more quickly than you have ever dreamed of.

The Integration Center in Intrexx also profits strongly from the comprehensive range of functions in the software suite. All data in the portal can be turned into attractive applications on your iPhones or Blackberrys with just a few clicks of the mouse. This makes possible previously unimaginable scenarios with data from applications and systems that themselves do not support the idea of mobility.

The User Manager

Intrexx has at its disposal a powerful, flexible, and secure rights management system. You can control the access to the portal, application, and data level simply by clicking with the mouse on groups, roles, and persons. Whether you are running an employee, customer, or partner portal - everyone will only see what one is meant to see. An integrated Windows authentication - Single Sign-On - ensures high acceptance by users.

The user data can be synchronized with Intrexx Professional comfortably with any LDAP server you wish. Collaboration tools like a Messenger application, or the display of when a colleague is currently online, are just as strongly coupled with the User Manager as, say, tagging functions. This enables the conception of modern Web 2.0 portals.

The System Administrator

A good enterprise portal must be maintained and taken care of. In order to keeps the effort required in this regard as low as possible, Intrexx possesses numerous useful and time-saving tools that support the administrator in his work. With the System Monitor, you will see information like the current load on the server, the activities in the portal, the status of memory in use, and the connections to the database. The task planning delivers an immediate overview to you of all running processes, data import and export activities, and enables you, in addition to manual, the automatic (time-controlled) execution of planned activities as well.

In the area of security, Intrexx also supports the administrator in uncountable ways. It is possible, for example, to check form and request values down to the page level of an application. Here you can define exactly which values may be transmitted by a user to the server. This so-called whitelist test makes the running of your enterprise portal very secure.

In addition to all these administrative tools, Intrexx offers a great deal of additional modules for system maintenance and optimization of the search engine and the mail server.

Flexible extension

Intrexx Application Store

In the Intrexx Application Store, you have hundreds of free and nonfree enterprise applications available to you, which you can add to your enterprise portal with just a few clicks. And every day, new applications and forms are added to this list. Every application you download can be implemented after just a few minutes, as no installation is necessary on the computers of the users. In this way you will create for yourself the enterprise software you need.

Integrate Microsoft Office

With the optionally available Intrexx Office Adapter, you can seamlessly integrate Microsoft Office documents into your enterprise portal. In MS Office programs like Word or Excel, access documents that will be managed in the enterprise portal, or open a required Office file from inside the portal. With this tool, you will organize your Office files just as easily as efficiently. This will create for you previously unimagined possibilities in the area of productive teamwork. Learn more

Integrate Microsoft Exchange

Intrexx Business Adapter for Microsoft Exchange allows you to integrate all data and services from Microsoft Exchange Server into any Intrexx Enterprise Portal Web application. All kinds of data and services, whether e-mails, tasks, appointments or contacts, can be combined directly and in real-time with any other data, services, applications, ERP systems and processes - no matter what operating system platform is used. And it can all be made mobile for smartphones or tablets or made available as Web services. Learn more

Integrate ERP data

Imagine what it would be like to access the immense data pool of your SAP applications and form new, web-based applications from them, prepare the data to other systems via web service, or even make it mobile in just a few steps. Imagine transferring databases from your Lotus Notes environment into your enterprise portal, inspiring a totally new life for the data there with the Process Designer or the SOA tools from Intrexx. Lastly, imagine how you could even make this information available to the mobile devices of your colleagues... With the optional Intrexx Business Adapters for ERP systems, all of this will be child's play.

The following adapters are currently available: SAP Business Suite SAP Business One Lotus Notes


Free installation support

Intrexx is easy to set up, even without expert assistance. If you have questions or difficulties upon installation, you can also contact our toll-free installation hotline - we will help you with setup over the telephone.

This service is valid for up to 14 days after purchase of the software.

Software & Service

United Planet offers various support and service models to offer you help with quick advice in the event that difficulties occur. Because in order to ensure the success of your business, you cannot accept outages.

With a support or service contract, you will receive support and active services from experienced Intrexx experts, who have worked closely with the development department for years. In this way, the highest degree of reliability, security, and availability can be ensured.

Intrexx Live! Forum

Discuss with other users and experts about advanced techniques in the creation of applications. If you hit a snag in the creation of an application, other Intrexx users can usually help you quickly.

United Planet certified partners

Select a United Planet Partner in your area and receive qualified support when implementing your individual requirements.

All partners have been trained by United Planet in order to be able to offer you the best possible service.

Intrexx Academy

Our academy has transferred knowledge successfully to many locations for several years. Competent and experienced trainers will lead you in easy-to-understand methods into the topic of portals and make you into an Intrexx professional in the shortest possible time. The seminars deal with the most varied technical topics, and are designed for "greenhorns" just as much as "old hands".

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