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With Intrexx, your web-based projects are ready 10 times faster than with conventional development environments. Thus, you also gain 10 times more benefit from the potential savings or the optimized processes than your competitors.

An easy-to-understand program structure, in which everyone can find their way intuitively, enables a quick start. The visual development environment, with finely tuned features and modules, makes long training periods and programming skills as good as unnecessary. With Intrexx even trainees can quickly create complex applications. The applications can be developed easily using mouseclick and drag'n'drop. Lots of templates and ready-made applications, and virtually ubiquitous intelligent wizards, allow the realization of your custom requirements within a remarkably short time scale.

Integrate all of your existing data on the fly and automate workflows and processes through Web-based applications and mashups just using the mouse. You want to send data, applications or processes to mobile devices of any type? No problem - download Intrexx now and learn how to accomplish it yourself in just a few minutes using Intrexx.

How Intrexx can significantly reduce the complexity of your processes

A complete toolkit

Incredibly powerful individual modules, finely tuned to work together.

Develop applications

Integrate existing data

Automate processes

Establish data relationships

Search for information

Design templates and menus

Manage users and permissions

Make applications mobile

Administer the system

Intrexx is a development and management environment for web-based applications right through to complete corporate portals. With the market-leading standard software you link people and information in processes that promote communication within the company, consolidate and simplify existing applications, manage documents and projects, and make your applications mobile.

For this purpose carefully matched modules are available which, thanks to the graphical principle, demands no programming knowledge of the user. This makes best use of scarce resources and makes your project very cost effective.

Intrexx includes many templates and ready to use applications that facilitate the construction of an enterprise portal within just a few hours. More than 200 additional affordable applications are available from the Intrexx Application Store.

Integrate an existing database (e.g. Microsoft Access, Lotus Notes, etc.) in less than 8 minutes with Intrexx, and all the records stored there can henceforth be displayed and edited directly in a browser, or they can be used in new applications.

The process designer reacts time- or event-driven and can perform any data actions with a click of the mouse. With all of the data available in the system. And that also includes the previously integrated external databases.

The user management can be synchronized with all popular LDAP servers and configured in a few minutes. Rights can be assigned individually to record-level, or can be assigned based on roles. Accounts will be set up for your existing systems so that users will only need to authenticate once.

Data integration made easy

Also works together with your existing software

No other software can integrate so many software systems as quickly and as easily as Intrexx. With Intrexx you can import and export data. You can consume and provide data via web services. And you can directly read from and write to existing databases. For this purpose a large number of adapters are available. All adapters include a wizard with clear and easy to understand instructions to guide you through the setup of the connection. E.g. integrate an SAP database (via RFC or OData) in less than 8 minutes in Intrexx and all of the data from SAP is now available for further processing.

Currently available adapters

Can't see your adapter, or any other questions?

Tel. +49 761 20703 605

or free callback.

Make your own mobile apps

Conjure up data and processes on your smartphone or tablet yourself

Imagine you could access parts of an enterprise application from your iPhone or Blackberry, or even the complete application. For example, you could retrieve phone messages from the office on your mobile phone, or you could display the latest customer data, sales figures, service and product data at any time. There is a wide range of applications that would be very useful when travelling. But how would you achieve that? Sure, you could hire an external programmer to develop a custom solution for you. This usually not only takes a very long time, but also costs a lot of money. And if a new smartphone comes out, you have to start all over again.

Just as you can quickly and simply create web-based applications for the desktop PC with Intrexx, it's just the same for your smartphone. So not only do you get insight into the current business information with your iPhone, but you can also intervene at any time in the active operational processes. For example, you can edit vacation or investment applications from your employees, reserve a conference room or check an invoice. This finally puts an end to the hold-ups to important processes, just because you are on a business trip. And it's this simple:

3 steps to a ready-to-use app:

With the Intrexx application designer, build the required application with menu, input forms and data views (lists) - all by mouseclick.

Select device
Simply choose the required terminal. Intrexx automatically generates an application that is matched to the particular requirements of the chosen terminal.

Link the application on the home screen of your smartphone so that you can easily access it later.

For the creation of mobile applications service the full functionality of all of the Intrexx modules is also available: filters, processes, data integration, etc. So you can, for example, integrate data from your trading or ERP system in your Enterprise Portal via an Intrexx application, and make it available on your smartphone. The integration of existing systems can allow both read and write access.

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Find instead of searching

Powerful built-in search and filter functions

In an information and communication system, the search is one of the most important functions of all, after the integration of existing data. Intrexx has a very powerful index-based search engine, that even searches in the files that you manage in the system.

Thus, in the 'fuzzy search' Intrexx will also find records for "Maier" when searching for "Meyer". With the thesaurus setup, a search for "Meeting" will also yield results with "Business Lunch".

  1. Searches within documents or entire databases
  2. Sorts results by relevance
  3. Excludes or includes additional search parameters
  4. Includes fuzzy search, thesaurus, wildcards
  5. Also features neighborhood search, highlights

Establish relationships

But Intrexx goes a step further. The Relationship designer is an unique system that can be used to display any data which is interrelated, via those relationships, after configuring it just once. Without you needing to do anything else.

You receive a request for annual leave, which must be decided on. At the same time, Intrexx shows you which holiday cover, events or other appointments the employee has during the period requested. You can also see his family status (where appropriate) and outstanding holiday entitlement. Intrexx gathers all of this data together in seconds, from all of the various software systems that you use. Now you can make your decision with all of the necessary information to hand, without having needed to spend a lot of time making several separate enquiries.

Hundreds of ready-to-use applications

Download applications and assign them to the portal with a mouseclick

The secret of the speed of Intrexx lies in the numerous templates and applications, that you can download from our own "application store", just like Apple or Android. Hundreds of useful applications are available here which can save a lot of development effort. The applications have been submitted by users, partners or United Planet itself.

Among the more than 200 ready-to-use applications you will find:
PC management, annual leave request management, StartCenter, In-house help desk, statistics, seminars, sickness recording, event and exhibition management, investment proposal, warranty management, cafeteria plan, campaign management, corporate events, operations planning, sales statistics, Premier League sweepstake, addresses via Google Maps, Library, asset management, fleet management, investment, advertising, cash book ... and many more!

The following applications are supplied with Intrexx Professional:

  • Home page: Phone book, Suppliers, Surveys, Image gallery, Bulletin board, Holiday greetings, Callback organizer, Personal calendar
  • Information and knowledge: Blog, Wiki, Documents, Contracts, Emergencies, Notices
  • Service: Helpdesk, E-procurement, Meeting room management, Service schedule, Car pool
  • Applications: Holiday request, Investment proposal
  • Administration: User management, Security policies, Statistics, Bizwalker

Many other applications, including some that are free, can be found in the Application Store.

The great freedom

Intrexx supports all manufacturers, all operating systems, all mobile devices

The development environment and the operating environment (Intrexx Application Server) is platform independent and runs on all major operating systems.

The applications and portals are web-based and run on the newer generations of all major browsers.

All applications can be quickly, and without programming effort, be made available for all popular mobile devices regardless of operating system or device generation and can thus be used on a smartphone or tablet.

To use Intrexx, you will need the following system components.

From the list on the left, select the components of an Intrexx installation for which you wish to obtain the system requirements.

Please note that these are the minimum requirements.

Portal Server

Minimum hardware requirements
x86-compatible CPU with AMD64/EM64T extensions,
other platforms on request.
Number of processor cores: 1
GB RAM and 3 GB free hard disk space.
as the minimum requirements, except
Number of processor cores: 2 or more
4 GB RAM and 6 GB free hard disk space.
Please note that the files (attachments and archives) used in a portal are stored directly on the server. Thus, when using (for example) a document management system, the memory requirements can be several times higher.

Operating system
Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 64 Bit
Linux forr x86 AMD64/EM64T processors
Mac OS X 64 Bit from Version 10.5
FreeBSD 64 Bit from Version 8.4
other operating systems on request.
Apache Tomcat or
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)

Oracle from Version 11
PostgreSQL from Version 9.0 (included in delivery)
Microsoft SQL Server from Version 2008
IBM DB2 for z/OS, Linux, Unix and Windows from Version 9.5
IBM DB2 for i (früher i5/OS) from V6R1
Apache Derby from Version (included in delivery)
The compatibility with the above-mentioned databases is guaranteed for the versions that were available as a productive version at the time of release of Intrexx.

Portal Manager

Pentium III compatible CPU,
at least 2 GHz,
or CPU with AMD64/EM64T extensions,
other platforms on request,
Number of processor cores: at least 1,
at least 1 GB RAM,
at least 400 MB free hard disk space
Operating system
Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
Linux for x86 bzw. AMD64/EM64T processors
Mac OS X 64 Bit from Version 10.5
FreeBSD from Version 8.4
other operating systems on request



Standard web browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer from Version 8
Mozilla Firefox from Version 1.0.6,
from Version 3.5 recommended
Konqueror from Version 4
Opera from Version 9
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
no browser plugins necessary
Mobile devices
Android from Version 2.3
 -  Android Browser
 -  Chrome for Android (Android from Version 4 ICS)
iPod touch (from 4th Generation) / iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S with iOS 6/7
 -  iOS Safari
 -  Chrome IE Mobile (Windows Phones 7.5)
BlackBerry OS 7 (Webkit browser)
BlackBerry from OS 5.0 (limited functionality)

Office integration

Intrexx from Version 4.5
Microsoft Office:
 -  Word 2003 / 2007 / 2010
 -  Excel 2003 / 2007/ 2010
 -  Powerpoint 2003 / 2007/ 2010
 -  All Versions x86, Office 2010 x86 and x64
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1.

Progress in the blinking of an eye

Who invented it?

From the start, Intrexx led the market for web-based business software. It is technological progress, which significantly accelerates the success of businesses and organizations.
Intrexx sets standards unlike any other when it comes to the development of innovations in the web-based enterprise applications segment. Short product cycles, always with very carefully matched features and modules, make Intrexx one of the most popular visual development platforms.

Intrexx Timeline

You need to see Intrexx for yourself.
So, what are you waiting for?
Intrexx 7

I've heard ...

What customers say about Intrexx

For us it is very important to provide our employees at all of the various locations with the latest information from the Audi Academy. With Intrexx this is accomplished quickly and reliably.
Elke Neidlein, Central Marketing Management
Audi Academy
The Intrexx Process Manager has proved its worth for us many times. Processes can be depicted incredibly quickly and easily via the portal. That has certainly spared a lot of work and nerves for many people.
Thomas Hofbauer, CIO
With many intranet solutions you need a big budget but there is nevertheless still little scope for adjustments. With Intrexx you get a flexible enterprise portal faster, cheaper and better.
Petra Geisperger, Communications/Public Relations
Frankfurter Sparkasse
At this range of requirements and price there are hardly any comparable solutions that can compete with Intrexx.
Christian Messmer, IT Manager
Brenntag Schweizerhall
For us it is very important that we can rely on the system. Since we have been using Intrexx, the system has run extremely well and has never failed.
Michael Fischer, IT Manager
DEKRA Academy
In the Intrexx portal all of the data is available immediately without the need for lengthy searches. Moreover, working with Intrexx is much easier than with Lotus Notes. Therefore, Intrexx will become our central platform, replacing all standalone solutions and Lotus Notes.
Harald Radermacher, Company Secretary
Volksbank Saaletal
Compared with other solutions, Intrexx convinced us primarily through its very good value for money and ease of use. We are also very satisfied with the support from United Planet.
Oskar Kovac, Research Associate
Hochschule Karlsruhe
Intrexx requires much less effort than Microsoft SharePoint. Moreover, both in the implementation and in the ongoing maintenance of the portal, Intrexx is a lot cheaper because you can easily create applications yourself and do not have to rely on the help of external programmers.
Heinz-Werner Althoff, IT Manager
Kreishandwerkerschaft Hellweg
Intrexx includes necessary features such as security, the latest technologies or functionalities, just as with IBM or SAP. The deciding factor for me was the fact that we only need a maximum of ten percent of the usual preparation time for an application.
Michael Reich, Manager ITTAM Department
Deutsche Wertpapierservice Bank
With Intrexx we especially appreciate the many ready-made templates: From the bulletin board through the calendar and to the forum, there is much that is available ready-to-use, and which can easily be adapted or used directly.
Frank Preiß, Portal Manager
Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut
The Intrexx Portal gives us a competitive advantage. It streamlines processes, improves internal communications and supports the customer service representatives with information and services for their daily tasks.
Georg Fell, IT Manager
Compared to the previous Lotus Notes application, the Intrexx Portal brings us many advantages: cheap license costs save us a lot of money, the easy creation of applications makes us independent of external service providers and reduces maintenance requirements. In addition, we now have the ability to distribute the information precisely to the exact target groups.
Sascha Glatz, System Administrator
Sparkasse Kraichgau
The portal will simplify the administration in many ways. In particular, the easy interconnectability of the portal applications with each other offers very interesting possibilities.
Patricia Ilich, Head of Quality Management
Loomis Österreich
Since the SAP system is very extensive and complex, it used to be very time consuming and labor intensive to find and display specific information. Today, every employee has easy access to selected SAP data via Intrexx. Everything is very clear and well structured. Every employee can immediately find the information he wants.
Hans-Joachim Cörper, Works Manager
Zweckverband für Wasserversorgung
For us it is very important to provide our employees at all of the various locations with the latest information from the Audi Academy. With Intrexx this is accomplished quickly and reliably.
Elke Neidlein, Central Marketing Management
Audi Academy

What the experts say about Intrexx

2011 & 2012
2 x Jury list

Grand Prix of small and medium enterprises

Category: Small and medium enterprise solutions

Innovation award

Jdk, the Enterprise Content
Management Portal

Innovation award

For the best European contributions in Java, Eclipse & SOA.
Software & Support-Verlag
Category: SOA

Innovation prize

Small and medium enterprise initiative
Baden-Württemberg Provincial Government

Innovation prize

Stuttgart Regional Office
City of Freiburg in Breisgau

Innovation prize

Sparkasse Nördlicher Breisgau, City of Freiburg and the BioMed Foundation
2000 - 2003
Readers' award

3 x
Product of the year

Virtual cooperation


Beep (Best e-Europe Practices)
Intranet for small and medium enterprises

(Good value for money)

Impulse - The business owner magazine
Test verdict

"Very good"

"Editor's choice"
FACTS Magazine
German craftsmanship

Internet Prize

Dr. Werner Müller, Minister of Trade and Commerce

Business competition

Focus Business Magazine
Test winner

comparative test

IT-Magazin Internet Professional

of the year

Computer Reseller News

*Gartner, Inc., Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals, Ray Valdes, et al, 2014.
Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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